Representing leading
manufacturers and service
providers in the transit and
freight rail industries.


Railliance, Inc.
511 Shannon Drive North
Greencastle, PA 17225
Phone: 724-866-7347

Companies Represented:

Products and Services Represented:


  • Full Depth Rubber Grade Crossing Systems
  • Rail Seal
  • Rail Boxes (rail mounted junction box)
  • Train to Wayside Communication (TWC)
  • Embedded Track Switches
  • Switch Point Rollers
  • Frog Rollers for Moveable Points
  • Concrete Tie Recycler

ONBOARD and Wayside:

  • Train to Wayside Communication (TWC)
    • Cab Control Panels and CCU
  • Hunting oscillation measurement
  • Passenger ride comfort measurement
  • Running clearance measurement
  • Electro-Hydraulic Brake Systems
  • Track Brakes
  • Sanding and Levelling Systems


  • Bungalow Wiring, Panel Fabrication and Testing
  • Overhead Line (Catenary) measurements
  • Third Rail measurements
  • Track measurements (many types)
  • Brake overhauls (H&K)
  • Switch machine overhauls (H&K)